Though the legalization of drugs is a hot political topic, drug crimes remain a serious issues for those arrested for possession or use. The severity of the crime often depends on the drug and the amount in possession, but a person arrested for illegal possession of drugs may be facing mandatory prison time, heavy fines, and a black mark on a background check for many years.  If you have been arrested for drug possession or use, your first move should be to contact attorney Eric Thole.  Mr. Thole is one of the most respected attorneys in Stillwater, Minnesota.  He is experienced in both criminal and civil litigation and has been a practicing attorney since 1992.

Mr. Thole graduated cum laude in 1998 from Macalester College and then attended law school at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, earning his Juris Doctor in 1992. He then gained valuable experience and an extensive list of valuable contacts by working as civil lawyer and misdemeanor prosecutor for the cities of Stillwater and Cottage Grove.  He  worked as an assistant Washington County attorney from 1997 to 2004, and prosecuted many serious felony crimes. He was admitted to the Minnesota State Court in 1992 and to the United States District Court – Minnesota District in 2006.

Mr. Thole opened his law firm in 2005 and currently specializes in DUI, burglary, assault, battery, homicide, white collar crime, shoplifting, and an extensive list of other felony and misdemeanor crimes. Mr Thole also has experience in civil litigation, such as unlawful detainer matters, zoning issues, adult use violations, and employment disputes. Experience is one of the most important keys to expertise, and Mr Thole has plenty of experience.

Mr Thole handles many types of drug cases, including possession, possession with intent to sell, conspiracy, and federal crimes such as drug trafficking. He will handle your case with honesty, dignity, a sense of ethics, and an aggressive pursuit of justice. Mr Thole strongly believes that individuals arrested for drug use or possession are not hardened criminals and should be given a fair shake by the criminal justice system. Over the years, he has developed a reputation as a skilled and ethical attorney with a mission of finding the best possible outcome each client’s case.  For drug cases, there are many options, including rehabilitation programs, first-time offender programs, community service, and expungment.

Mr Thole loves the city and citizens of Stillwater, a beautiful, family-friendly community located 20 miles east of the St Paul area. Mr Thole served on the city council and enjoys providing proficient legal representation for any citizen who has been charged with a drug crime. He will protect your rights and take the proper legal steps to minimize the short-term and long-term implications of your drug arrest. Mr Thole offers a free consultation for anyone seeking superior attorney services and his team of attorneys are ready to plot a strategy and develop a case to ensure the best potential outcome.